Language courses

Good language skills make your employees more confident and thereby better at negotiating and creating visible results for the benefit of the company.

All course participants are offered language screening before starting. Being able to develop positively from your own starting point boosts motivation.

Our language consultants are also experienced online instructors who ensure that courses are relevant and exciting by incorporating local current affairs, news and culture.

Our language consultants teach in their own native language, which ensures language and cultural insight and authenticity.

We don’t work based on a fixed concept but design each course to suit the individual needs of our customers and course participants.

When we provide courses for companies, we make it a priority to provide personal service and engagement, and to deliver relevant and motivating course material and a quick response to the company concerning the results achieved.

Meeting your language needs is our mission

New: Language café

In our language café, the setting is relaxed and personal. The students can meet over a cup of coffee on the screen at home or in a suitable room at the company, and become proficient in a language in a small group. In the café, we place emphasis on developing ordinary everyday language and exchange experiences and thoughts about working life, politics, society and current affairs, in a relaxed and casual setting. We offer cafés in all languages.