Individual language training

Be better at English, German, French - or an entirely different language

Our 1:1 courses are popular because they are based on your current language level, and it is from there that you grow and develop. The teaching is intensive and targeted because we strive towards you getting an optimal return and acquiring as many language skills as possible in the shortest possible time.

You strengthen

Through intensive teaching, you quickly gain a broader and more targeted vocabulary, and experience new language accuracy both orally and in writing.

As a language partner, we always strive to

Before the course, we agree on which topics, interests and professional areas are most important to you, and along the way, we include material from your daily work to make the teaching even more targeted and relevant.

Would you like to book an individual course or just hear more?

There are several phases in a language competence boost, so you do not have to commit to anything until we have prepared an offer that everyone is happy to approve. Give us a free call and let us help you gain a clear picture of your language needs.